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Alex Cho

Mastering Investing A Bigger Reward Than Early Retirement

Perhaps, one of the most empowering activities one could realistically pursue over their lifetime is to become a competent investor.

I mean, if the school system has failed at one thing, it has failed at teaching students who graduated from high school or university to invest and save money.

People aren’t going to save money, until they’re given incentive to do so, and by extension, the most productive use of capital is in the form of investing one’s own money into things that grow or appreciate.

No, I’m not talking about buying index funds, or some other carte-blanche method that’s preached by pundits, “get rich by 65 and start at 25.”

If people have less time, or they’re trying to reach their goals quicker then they really need to have personal mastery of this subject.

I would argue that the ability to manage one’s own investments is the most important thing to learn, yet why hasn’t school taught us this important skill?

It usually goes like this for most people. Go to school, get a job, earn money and retire while contributing to some 401(k) (the 21st century pension).

Just think, people will never experiment with buying stocks via their own personal brokerage account. They will never experiment with opening a crypto exchange account or really do anything out of the ordinary to further improve their financial situation, because they were taught to never take risks, and only save money for future emergencies.

Saving for the sake of future catastrophe is consequential decision making. It’s like, don’t be late for work, or you’ll get fired! Or, show up for class late, and you’ll be sent to detention!

Personally, if I didn’t have a personal fascination with investing, I never would have bought a single coin, or done anything related to crypto at all. It’s not because I’m worried of the consequences, but rather I’m curious to the possibilities of what a dollar today could equate into tomorrow.

Since, I’m excited by investing, and don’t fear the consequences, but actively pursue the rewards for personal mastery, I speed the process along. I try new things, which leads to new knowledge, which consequently equates into quicker growth of capital, and less wasteful spending.

If people could be motivated by something other than fear when pursuing investing, it would make the experience or journey more tolerable.

You know, the usual news announcers talking about the usual “what if I run out of funding for retirement?” headlines.

You then open the article, and it’s the same recycled BS the local Edward Jones broker sold Paul to pay the mortgage.

It’s this type of thinking that has made the whole concept of investing sound like another one of those to-do items, or else… face this consequence.

Instead, if you could approach investing with a new lens of attaining mastery, you will become financially self-sufficient at any age. It becomes less about hitting a dollar figure by using some excel spreadsheet that calculates retirement, and more a concept of how to become great at recognizing opportunities, so you can quickly deploy capital, and reap rewards on a consistent basis.

If you attain mastery of investing, there’s no way in hell you’ll be broke by 60. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, you literally couldn’t go broke if you could instead reason, and experiment on a regular basis to best optimize investments and consistently grow/manage capital.

Where people go wrong is they never pursue mastery of investing, it’s more of a side activity, because they’re afraid of the consequences of being broke when they grow old. It’s turned from this exciting activity that could be akin to a journey that leads to new discoveries, and self-mastery into this commoditized activity that they feel obligated to do.

So, part of the challenge is to recognize this tendency of being driven by fear.

Instead, pursue mastery, which will likely yield you much more in the long haul, whether it be a great retirement, or some other financial goal. By being a great practitioner, you don’t fear loss or future consequences. Instead, it’s replaced with competence, which consequently results in wealth. The only way to get there, is to keep chugging along, and to learn from every mistake and victory.

Nothing will ever replace real world experience and persistent experimentation.

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