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Alex Cho

Why You Should Change Your Timeframe When Trading Crypto

Beware, if you start trading cryptocurrency, it may become too addicting to quit!

Now, if you’re already caught in this trading addiction, there are two ways to approach this.

If you’re losing money on a consistent basis, just go into HODL mode, and wait for the market to pardon your inability to make money from trading.

If you’re not able to do this, try picking a different timeframe.

Maybe, instead of trying to day trade, as in buying and selling on the 5-minute charts (terrible idea), you shift to something like 2-4 weeks, or several month-long trades. When you get better and better at managing your emotions, and avoid excess activity, the additional time will give you a better chance of earnings returns.

The problem with most traders, or investors is their lack of awareness around time.

The amount of time you’re willing to hold onto a position determines the max profits one can reasonably attain, regardless of timing. If you play a shorter window of time, it’s unrealistic to expect the coin to increase 100%, or even 20%, so you can net a quick gain.

It’s more likely that over a span of a week, the average price move is much lower than the annual price move, and so forth.

Often, the difference between a great investor/trader is a matter of self-realization or the ability to recognize where one operates best over the course of time. If you’re not great at skimming profits on the daily chart, but you’re able to earn profits from making week long, or month-long trades. It’s better to focus on the timescale you’re best at.

Remember, people perceive time differently. There’s such a thing as time dilation between the consciousness of minds in the human world.

So, by extension, the timescale by which someone can operate as an investor or trader, tends to differ. There’s probably an optimization point, based on temperament, perception and cognition where some operate better than others.

As a result, finding that unique area where you feel most competent can also help with generating consistent results, while also suiting your personality.

This is also a part of the journey to becoming your own personal money manager.

Upon reading the literature of famous investors, traders, money managers, and so forth (plus my own experiences), they excelled over a specific duration of time, and specialized in that unique area where they were good.

I think many people fail at managing their own investments, because they haven’t found their sweet spot where they can become good. As a result, they focus on all the other areas like reading charts, or mastery of psychology, but never personalize their strategy to match their perception of time.

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